Since the tradition of making New Years Resolutions began (who knows when), certain resolutions seem to be at the top of most everyone’s list. Regardless of which resolution you’ve made, Wilderness Athlete can help you get there in 2013! Read More…

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A Brief History of Sports Drinks – By Coach Paulsen

Everyone knows about “sports drinks”, but few know why they actually became so popular. In the mid-to-late ‘60s, researchers stumbled upon the fact that water which included a sugar/carbohydrate solution of around 6%-8% sped up the body’s ability to absorb and utilize those fluids. This became known as “active transport” of fluids. While water itself is the obvious natural hydrator, it’s actually absorbed through osmosis, slowly “leaking” into the body. This is a slower process than active transport. When physical demands on the body are such that immediate hydration is required, sports drinks are scientifically proven to be superior.

The added benefit of sports drink-derived sugars and carbs in the bloodstream is that they provide another energy source for the athlete who may be fatigued due to depleted muscle glycogen and blood sugar. The most current research indicates that by adding some select amino acids (protein subunits), the body can repair/recover much faster than with the sugar/carbohydrate solution alone. It’s important to note that if the drink solution becomes too dense (over 8% concentration), the speed of absorption will be reduced below that of water alone. So, there’s a balancing act for active transport to be effective. Current research also indicates that including the electrolytes sodium and potassium can immediately replenish those vital minerals that were lost during physically demanding activities. Balanced electrolytes are absolutely necessary for optimizing physical performance.

Finally, by producing drinks that were flavorful, it became quite apparent that the more palatable the product, the more the athlete would consume. And voila, a multi-billion-dollar empire was created! In a pinch, these over-the-counter commodity products work, but for a specialized version, Wilderness Athlete Hydrate & Recover is set well above all others.

Not only does WA Hydrate & Recover incorporate an optimum sodium/potassium ratio based on the most recent science, but you’ll also find an astounding amount of goodies incorporated while still keeping within the magic 6%-8% solution concentration. How about 1000mg of vitamin C, synergistic vitamin and mineral support, and 250mg of glucosamine (to hydrate the tissue surrounding the joints for more comfortable mobility)?  Plus, Hydrate & Recover includes amino acids (for muscle repair/recovery), natural herbs for superior oxygen utilization, and just enough carbs/sugars to help fuel you when the going gets tough.

Donʼt kid yourself; dehydration is no joke. If you’ve ever experienced it at its worst, you can attest to the miserable feeling that comes with it. Be smart and stay hydrated for a much safer and more enjoyable outdoor experience. Hunt long; hunt strong. ~ Coach P

Click here to buy Hydrate & Recover online

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Hydrate & Recover Comparison and Important Facts

By Coach Mark Paulsen

Wilderness Athlete Hydrate & Recover represents the latest generation of sports rehydration drinks – complete, correct, and comprehensive in formulation. What’s left out of sports drinks is equally important as to what’s included in them. That’s why Hydrate & Recover contains no artificial colors, no oils or fats, and no stabilizers. Not only can some of these ingredients have a negative health impact but they also make a sports drink far less effective and even slow down its ability to replenish and refresh a tired and thirsty body.

What’s included in Hydrate & Recover is the ideal spectrum of nutrients, electrolytes, antioxidants, and energy pathway cofactors to make this the premier rehydration beverage available. Based on well- documented research studies, Hydrate & Recover provides the exact molarity, (concentration of solid nutrients dissolved in fluid), to allow fast, unimpeded uptake of fluids into the bloodstream. In fact, its absorption through the digestive tract is faster than pure water alone, making possible the quickest rehydration and recovery.

Next, Hydrate & Recover delivers a balanced ratio of electrolytes to assure that energy production, muscle pH, and tissue fluid levels all stay within their proper ranges. Unlike most other leading sport drinks, Hydrate & Recover delivers the correct amounts of bothsodium and potassium to restore these important nutrients that are lost during physical activity. Inclusion of glucosamine in the formula further supports the crucial retention of fluids in various physiological compartments so that joints work smoothly, energy production is unimpaired, and internal organs function properly.

The balanced complement of complex carbohydrates and low glycemic index sugarsin Hydrate & Recover helps provide reserve fuel to meet the high demands of physical performance. These nutrients, combined with vital energy pathway cofactors, (compounds that are required to convert sugars and fats into energy), assure that there will still be “gas in the tank” when the muscles are called upon for continued or renewed activity.

Lastly, the Hydrate & Recover formula is rounded out with antioxidants and botanical adaptogens to boost product efficacy to the highest possible level. During even moderate physical activity, the body produces a highly elevated level of free-radical molecules which can damage and age tissues prematurely. The robust antioxidant profile of Hydrate & Recover helps counter these toxic free- radicals, preventing inflammation, stiffness, and soreness. Meanwhile, botanical adaptogens, (Schisandra and Rhodiola), support the body’s adaptation to the stresses and demands of physical activity while further keeping energy production optimized.

Click here to learn more about Hydrate & Recover or to order yours.

Wilderness Athlete Comparison Chart- Hydrate & Recover

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Gain or Retain – By Coach Mark Paulsen

Don’t sacrifice your muscle when trying to lose weight!

Have you ever seen the TV show MythBusters? It’s dedicated to replicating situations that either prove or disprove longstanding myths. One of the myths I see in my profession is that of the individual who doesn’t want to participate in strength training exercises for fear of getting “bulky”. Women tend to say this more often than men, but the comment is in fact a myth and a complete distortion of the truth.

I’m a strong proponent of strength training, especially as we age. This isn’t because I relish a world of muscle-bound knuckle draggers and equally massive egos. Instead, it really boils down to the simplest of clichés: “Use it or lose it”. Muscles that are not exercised in some form or fashion will atrophy at an alarming rate. Ever had a cast put on your arm or leg? It’s amazing to witness what happens to a limb that has been immobilized for even a brief period of time.

If you read the last issue of Western Hunter, I wrote about circuit training, which is a highly effective and efficient time-saver for total body conditioning. Circuit training strings together several exercises, usually 5-10, that are performed with a predetermined number of repetitions followed by limited recovery, which taxes the muscles as well as the cardiovascular system. This is an excellent way to get in shape for hunting as you can include movements that simulate the hunt itself.

For this issue, I’d like to address the more traditional approach and misconceptions of “strength training”. First, let me be clear: I promote strength training for the most basic reason possible – to keep you strong, not to pack on muscle or have the carrying capacity of a mule. The average person loses 6-10 lbs. of muscle per decade. This actually has a technical name, sarcopenia (the muscle counterpart to the bone degenerative disease Osteopenia). Lack of exercise, poor diet, reduction in natural hormone production, and other lifestyle factors all contribute to this slow slide into what usually results in a physical “train wreck”.

Secondly, did you know that 3 lbs. of muscle burns approximately 1 lb. of fat per month? Muscle amounts to a physiological furnace and is your best friend when it comes to maintaining a leaner physique.

I’m now 53 years old and need more muscle like I need a hole in the head. However, I do understand that I need to remain active and incorporate some strength training to “retain” the muscle I currently have. Basically, he or she who keeps the most muscle the longest wins! This is true for the 6’5”, 240-lb. lumberjack as well as the 5’0”, 105-lb. secretary. Your musculature is your structural foundation upon which all activity is built.

I might add that one of the major contributors to muscle decay in the U.S. is a self-inflicted disease called “dieting”, also known as “weight management”. The drill generally goes like this: Individuals desiring to lose weight severely restrict their caloric intake in a desperate attempt to undo in three months that which took them three years to accomplish. Dieting as our country defines it destroys precious muscle and sets the body up for accelerated muscle loss, thereby making the problem even worse! Americans unquestionably worship at the altar of the scale, but the scale will never be an accurate reflection of true health. The key is to focus on muscle management and how you look, rather than what you weigh. Burning fat while feeding and exercising your muscles is where it’s at!

Back to Strength Training

Strength training results from performing exercises – not unlike circuit training – but with more intensity (greater resistance) followed by a longer period of recovery between sets or exercises. This extra recovery time, usually between 2-3 minutes, allows the muscle to recover adequately so that you can then perform another set with maximum effort while trying to attain a pre-established number of sets and repetitions.

The vast majority of strength training focuses on the larger muscle groups of the body, chest, back, legs, shoulders, and arms. Also, whereas circuit training focuses on minimal resistance, higher repetitions, and limited recovery contributing to a muscle conditioning effect, strength training allows for an increased tension  load) to be placed on the muscle. This tension forces the muscle to adapt, and in actuality, to be traumatized. With proper nutrition and rest, this traumatized muscle then heals itself and becomes stronger.

I encourage you at certain times of the year, generally off-season, to get involved in at least a twice-per-week total body strength program. The workout should take around one hour and due to the extended recovery between sets, it’s okay to combine (superset) body parts that don’t impact each other. For example, I recommend super-setting chest with back movements, followed by super-setting shoulders and arms and then finishing with legs. Due to the large volume of muscle mass in the legs, it’s generally sound judgment to train them by themselves.

The sets and repetitions that are used in a strength program usually fall into the range of 3-5 sets per exercise and 1-10 repetitions per set. The classic set/rep for collegiate athletes is five sets of five for strength development. I recommend starting with three sets of 8-10 reps per exercise for four weeks to build a base then switching to four sets of five. It’s important to note that these sets do not include warm-up sets.

Suggested Exercises per Body Part

Chest: Bench press, incline presses (dumbbell or Barbell), weighted pushups;

Back: Chin-ups, lat pull-downs, single dumbbell bent rows or barbell bent rows;

Shoulders: Overhead presses (barbell or dumbbell), barbell upright rows, plate raises;

Biceps: Standing curls (barbell or dumbbell), seated alternate dumbbell curls;

Triceps: Close-grip bench press, single dumbbell overhead presses, bench dips;

Legs:Squats, front squats, step-ups, alternate or walking dumbbell lunges.

Lat pulldowns are a basic and important exercise for strengthening your back. Keep a nice, wide grip and pull down to your chin for a full range of motion.

wilderness athlete bench press

Bench press is a strength training staple. Work for 8-10 reps and have a spotter whenever possible

For those willing to start a strength program and dedicate more time, I recommend what is called a “4-Day Split Routine”. In doing so, you can apply more focused effort on fewer body parts and achieve even greater results. I would recommend the following split, but this is certainly not etched in stone:

Monday and Thursday: Chest, Back, and Arms

Tuesday and Friday: Shoulders, Legs, and Abs

Bleed It. Feed It. Rest It. 

I use a little three -point phrase with my athletes that you might find a little over the top, but then I am a little over the top. It’s a philosophy designed to keep it simple yet drive home a point.

 “Bleed it” refers to working out with enough intensity that you feel physically whooped when you’re done. “Feed it” refers to giving your body the best chance to get stronger by supplementing properly. “Rest it” obviously refers to the importance of quality downtime, allowing the body the sleep & rest it needs to repair itself.

Supporting Supplement Recommendations

Don’t underestimate how important supplements are for improving and healing your body. Four Wilderness Athlete supplements to maximize your results would include:

W.A. Multi-Vitamin: This is the cornerstone product that fills in all of your nutritional gaps and allows the remaining products to perform optimally.

W.A. Ultimate Pre-Workout.  This is the only product on the planet that incorporates the power of Arginine combined with the most powerful adaptogenic herb known to man, Moomiyo! Moomiyo was a Soviet trade secret for the past 40 years and was a cornerstone product for enhancing the performance of not only Soviet athletes but also the Red Army and the Cosmonaut program as well.  I interviewed the top performance experts in Russia and their brief explanation as to what moomiyo actually does includes:

Allows the body to deal with physical, environmental, and emotional stress;

Helps promote a natural release of growth hormone by crossing the blood brain barrier and stimulating the pituitary gland.

Not sure! Crazy, but they simply don’t understand how a plant that grows high up in the mountains can create such an amazing physiological response in the human body.

It’s also a very powerful anti-oxidant as well as a natural anti-inflammatory.

The arginine, through the conversion to nitric oxide, allows the blood vessels to relax, allowing for much more efficient blood flow systemically, and we all know, “Where the blood flows, the Moomiyo goes”! Do yourself and your workouts a huge favor and use this pre-workout product.

W.A. Hydrate and Recover/Energy and Focus. If I were looking to improve the quality and intensity of my workout, I’d unquestionably mix up a combination of one serving of each of these. You have to understand, in order to get stronger, you have to bring some juice to the party! Going through the motions without focus and intensity, is just a waste of time –and it’s no fun.

W.A. Meal Replacement & Recovery Shake. This actually serves two purposes. First, if you haven’t eaten within four hours of training, you’re going to need some substantive nutrition that will boost your blood sugar and also provide some circulating proteins for muscle support. You could consider just a half serving of this excellent product to fuel your workout.

Secondly, the one-hour recovery phase immediately following your workout needs to be taken advantage of, and this is the perfect time for a full serving of the W.A. Shake. In doing so, you’ll significantly reduce muscle soreness while feeding the body what it needs for muscle repair and strength gains to be realized.

Daily Protein Requirements

A final note on what the latest research says in regard to daily protein requirements for the wilderness athlete looking to make performance improvements. The following recommendations apply for BOTH resistance and aerobic training:

1.0 gram per kilogram of bodyweight per day for sedentary individuals.

1.5-2.0 grams per kilogram of bodyweight per day for athletes.

Calculating Your Protein Needs

I weigh 250 lbs., so I just divide 250 by 2.2 (1 kg = 2.2 lbs.) to get 114kg. I then multiply 114×1.5=171 and 114×2.0=228. Therefore, my daily protein intake should reflect an overall consumption of between 171-228 grams of protein to fuel my workouts.

It appears that the body’s ability to digest and utilize protein is limited to around 20-30 grams per sitting. The reason this is important to know is that looking at my protein requirements and actually meeting in the middle at 200 grams per day would mean I should ingest 30 grams six or seven times per day.

This is where high quality supplementation really pays off. W.A. just released our new Chocolate Protein, which, along with our Vanilla Protein, is perfect for adding a few convenient servings per day to ensure your overall protein requirements are being met. I can’t begin to tell you how many protein shakes I’ve consumed in my lifetime and I can assure you the quality and palatability of W.A. protein is the best on the market.

In Closing

I hope this article was a help in regard to getting you started on a strength program or even if it only served to clarify the difference between circuit training and strength training. Remember, it truly is as simple as USE IT OR LOSE IT! Choose your exercise and “don’t let the perfect destroy the good”.

I recently saw a cartoon that illustrates my point. Picture a doctor standing in his office wearing his stethoscope and looking at results from a patient’s physical. He looks at the patient and says, “What fits your busy schedule better – exercising an hour a day or being dead 24 hours a day?”

Hunt long; hunt strong. ~ Coach P

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Coach P Discusses Hydrate and Recover

Watch Coach Paulsen (below) talk about the benefits of Hydrate and Recover. If you already use the product, you know it’s the best hydration drink on the market today. If you haven’t given it a try, here’s what it has to offer-

  •  Amino Acids to help feed your muscles through cellular repair.
  • Provides a precisely balanced mineral and electrolyte composition to replenish these vital elements and maintain peak muscle physiology
  • Antioxidants to fight free radicals and improve metabolic function
  • Glucosamine for repair and lubrication of hips and joints.
  • Oxygen enhancers to promote optimal oxygen uptake and utilization
  • Is convenient to carry and use and is formulated for all age groups.
  • B Vitamins to help sustain your body’s natural energy production
  • Formulated to optimal isotonic strength for and effective hydration
  • Provides a spectrum of metabolic cofactors essential for energy production
  • Helps maintain tissue hydration for highest metabolic efficiency
  • Supports the oxygen demands of the active body
  • Delivers essential vitamins and amino acids for maximizing energy reserves

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Today most outdoor television shows are about killing big bucks and bulls. Yes, many TV show hosts discuss the adventure of the hunt but let’s face it, how much adventure is involved in sitting in a treestand that overlooks a food plot?  For the last several years, many people in the hunting community have wondered when someone would step outside the box and offer an outdoor TV program that celebrates adventure, the kill (regardless of antler size) and more important what hunting is often all about: filling the freezer with meat.

Outdoor enthusiasts don’t have to wonder who will step outside the box any longer because someone has.  His name is Steven Rinella.  Last year he had a show on the Travel Channel called “The Wild Within.”  This year, he has a new show on the Sportsman Channel called “MeatEater” that celebrates adventure, pushing yourself to your limit and packing the freezer with fresh meat.  Wilderness Athlete is sponsoring the show.  Wilderness Athlete products are made for extreme hunters like Rinella.  The products are lightweight, full of nutrients, easy to pack in a backpack and give Steven the energy he needs when he needs it most: while chasing dinner all over the world.  “Out of the ten episodes we taped for the MeatEater, eight qualify as backcountry hunts.  I like to hunt public land and like hunting in the wilderness.  Generally in America, true wilderness is going to be on public land.  To find and hunt true wilderness on public land and have a good hunt, I have to do things most hunters aren’t willing to do.  I have to climb things they don’t want to climb, cross things they don’t want to cross, walk further than they want to walk.  I enjoy that kind of hunting,” Rinella explained.

When hunting deep in the backcountry, Rinella likes to pack light because he knows that if he is successful, he will have to pack meat out.  “When I am doing a backcountry trip that is going to last several days, I pack as little as possible.  I pack freeze-dried food and Wilderness Athlete products,” Rinella explained.  “The drink mixes help me when I am hunting because I hate drinking water but I need to stay hydrated.  Hydrate and Recover and Energy and Focus make wanting to drink easier because they taste good and help give me the energy I need to keep going.”
A recent black bear hunt in the Chugach Mountains of Alaska is a great example of a hunt where Wilderness Athlete played a pivotal role in Rinella’s success.  Most bear hunters sit over a pile of bait and wait for black bears to show up.   Rinella prefers chasing black bears in the mountains.  The bears he chases rarely, if ever, see people.  “We took pack rafts across a river. I loaded the raft and gear on my back.  We hiked up another river for several miles and then looked for a place to climb  to the alpine where I wanted to hunt black bears.  I climbed to the alpine, spotted and killed a bear.  By the time I killed the bear and gutted it, my crew and I had been out climbing around for eighteen hours and had walked countless miles.  We did that trip twice over the next couple days to get the rest of the meat,” Rinella said.  “It is on trips like this that I  suck down Energy and Focus drinks because on days like this, energy and focus are the two things I am missing.”

Some may not understand why Rinella would go to such extremes to kill a black bear when there are easier ways to kill a bear.  “I like rugged hunts.  If you showed me a place I could go that was easy walking and another place that was very rugged, I would choose the rugged country.  I prefer seeing bears in the mountains and at alpine  The bears I hunted are actually up higher than mountain goats.  Seeing them in the alpine is an amazing sight,” Rinella explained.

It is safe to say that Rinella prefers doing things the hard way when it comes to hunting.  I guess that is what makes him a Wilderness Athlete.  Many of you are probably the same way.  You prefer hunting where others won’t go because if you do, you know you will probably experience things others don’t get to experience.  Wilderness Athlete products will help get you there.

To learn more about Steven Rinella and the MeatEater TV Show, visit

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Thank you Wilderness Athlete!

By Lee Brit

I just wanted to write and thank you for all your help with the WA products. I have been a user of WA products since shortly after they started but really have started using them more and more lately thanks mainly to being able to call and speak with you regarding the various products and their uses.

I just returned from a backpack combo hunt the NWT with Mackenzie Mountain Outfitters for Dall sheep and Moose. We spent 11 days/nights in a tent and our food/nutrition was entirely up to us and what we could pack on our backs. I used the WA products extensively during my training beforehand and during the hunt itself. I do not think I would have made it the entire time with out them.

I used the MultivitaminLean Life, and Meal replacement Shakes daily during my preparation and used the Altitude Advantage prior to my travels. I continued these during the hunt. I felt great the entire time and despite lots of climbing and heavy packing, I felt refreshed every morning. I used the Mountain Berry granola and Peanut Butter Chocolate bars daily and they provided the needed energy boost, calorie

intake and nutrition that I had to have in that situation. Calories are scarce in the backcountry and products that provide a dense, healthy source of calories are essential. The protein and carbs provide the proper amount of energy and recovery needed to maintain yourself out

there. If I had not packed those, I feel certain I would not have fared as well due to weight loss and muscle breakdown.

Each morning, I would start with a Energy and Focus packet to get me going. A great alternative to coffee and much easier to prepare in the backcountry. Caffeine, vitamins, hydration, and calories. All much needed after a night in the tent. Hydrate and Recover went with me in the backpack and and really kept me going after miles and miles of walking and thousands of feet of climbing. All in all, I could not be happier and just wanted to thank you again for a great product and even better customer service. I’ll be a customer for life.

Thanks again.

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TV Icon Babe Winkelman Forges a Partnership with Wilderness Athlete

Babe is using WA products to manage his nutritional needs during his hectic lifestyle.  Losing weight, creating greater overall health, and increasing his longevity doing the things he loves most are his goals.  Follow along on Babe’s journey here as well as on his TV show “Bable Winkelman’s Outdoors Secrets” starting in the fall.

There are few people in the outdoor industry who are as well known as Babe Winkelman.  There are also few people who have been in the industry as long as Winkelman.  He started working in the outdoor industry in the 1970s and hasn’t looked back.  From TV shows to writing magazine articles, Winkelman has done it all.  From fishing in Alaska to chasing trophy whitetails on his farm in Minnesota, Winkelman enjoys all things outdoor related.  “My dad introduced me to fishing at a young age.  From that time, I have been in love with the outdoors,” Winkelman explained.  Winkelman is passionate about sharing the outdoors with his wife, kids and people who haven’t spent much time on the water or in the woods.  “Today, more lives are being urbanized and some haven’t even seen a blade of grass.  My goal, besides entertaining outdoor enthusiasts, is to introduce new people to outdoor sports and the outdoor lifestyle.”

Winkelman’s TV shows, “Good Fishing” and “Outdoor Secrets” along with the many articles he writes monthly reach millions of Americans around the country every week.  The downside of doing it all is it keeps him jetting all over the world regularly which can take its’ toll on the mind and body.  Lack of sleep, lack of healthy meals and waking up in one time zone and going to bed in another can throw your body for a loop.  Winkelman recently started working with Wilderness Athlete to become healthier and to keep him going when he is on the run. “I really enjoy the Wilderness Athlete energy drinks and nutritional bars.  They help keep me going,” Winkelman noted.

It is not uncommon for Winkelman to be on the road for weeks at a time with only a day or two break in between trips. When traveling that much, staying healthy can be difficult. Winkelman starts out each day with Wilderness Athlete because the products are healthy and they keep him in a breakfast routine which has helped him shed some pounds. “I start out each morning by having three lean life supplements and what I call a bomb (a mixture of Hydrate and Recover and Energy and Focus,” Winkelman said. “That really gets me going in the morning.  I usually have a Wilderness Athlete nutritional bar and fruit of some type for lunch.”  Using Wilderness Athlete products and being more health conscious has helped Winkelman get on track. He hopes to lose more than fifty pounds.  “Eating the Wilderness Athlete products regularly is helping me lose weight because the products are good for me.  They are more than just diet products.  They have the nutrients in them that I need.  I feel good eating them because they give me what I need without giving me the things I don’t need.  I also like the fact that the bars and drinks are easy to take on the road.  When I am in an airport, I can buy a bottle of water and put a packet of Hydrate and Recover in and I’m good to go.  Eating a bar in the airport is also convenient.”

Along with eating Wilderness Athlete products, Winkelman makes sure he exercises plenty.  “I’ve had several conversations with Mark Paulsen, the Founder of Wilderness Athlete about exercise and getting into shape.  He stressed to me the importance of staying active.  I am often on video shoots for twelve to eighteen hours a day which doesn’t leave me much time for exercising but Mark told me walking for twenty minutes a day when I have some time can make a big difference so I do that often,” Winkelman said.

Losing weight and staying in shape, like many things, boils down to setting goals, being determined to meet those goals and getting yourself into a routine where you eat healthier and exercise more.  Babe Winkelman travels more in a month than most of us do in a year.  He spends more time in the field in a year than most of us do in a lifetime.  If he is able to set goals to eat healthier and exercise more, the rest of us can too.

Next time you’re contemplating grabbing another fast food burger to go with a glass of soda while waiting for your next flight, grab a packet of Wilderness Athlete Energy and Focus and a Wilderness Athlete Performance Bar.  Several small lifestyle changes like that can make a big difference to your overall health.

After ten minutes on the phone with Babe, I quickly realized whether it is chasing a dream of making a living in the outdoors like he chased in the 1970s when outdoor television was just getting started or getting in shape, Babe Winkelman achieves the goals he chases because he is a determined individual. Eating healthy and being determined to exercise is all it takes to get in shape. It is that simple. Regardless if you use Wilderness Athlete products because you are out to lose ten pounds to get in shape for the fall hunting season or simply because you want to stay in the shape you’re currently in, thanks for using Wilderness Athlete products!

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From Colorado to Everest

-By Jay VanConant-

After a day of rock climbing at the local crag outside of Durango Colorado, we were headed deep into the Weminuche  Wilderness in the southern San Juan Mountains. Our goal was the Chicago basin, home of three highly sought after 14rs. Mt. Eolus,Sunlight peak and  Windom  peak. Our aggressive plan was to walk into the basin and set up camp Friday afternoon. Saturday morning rise early and summit as many of the peaks as possible before walking out Sunday. Well this where our plans and reality split ways.   Saturday morning we hit the trail early to give us time for summit attempts on Windom and Sunlight. We were excited and full of energy as we started out.

 Our route took us up an exposed ridge with a good mixture of 3rd and 4th class climbing to the summit. At 50 yrs old I was somewhat concerned about keeping up with my younger team mates. Little did I know that my decision to use the Wilderness Athlete products would tip the scales in my favor. Luckily Before arriving in Durango I started using the ALTITUDE ADVANTAGE.

As the day wore on it was apparent that the team had bit off more than it could chew. When I would feel myself starting to slow a bit I would pull out my “BLAST” energy gel and in no time I was back in top form. The whole time drinking from my water bladder filled with a mix of “ENERGY and FOCUS and HYDRATE and RECOVER “ . After a challenging day in the mountains and two summits, we headed back to camp and the two other members of the team were starting to falter, they were falling behind and occasionally tripping due to fatigue.

When we got back to camp just as it was getting dark they were exhausted and their legs starting to cramp and lock up. After dinner the talk turned to our planned 3:30 AM start Sunday morning to go after Eolus summit then walk out the same day. Well they had no intention of going after Eolus, they said in no uncertain terms, no freakin way! They had barely made it back to camp and now they were completely exhausted with cramped muscles. I was tired but I felt good and motivated with no muscle soreness. I was able to rise at 3:30am, summit the tallest of the three peaks, back to pick up my bivy and head down the trail by 1200 pm catching them on the walk out.

This trip proved to me the products are the difference between a failed attempt and a highly successful trip. As a result of this trip I look forward to using the WA in the Himalaya this April and May.  Thanks for the great products.

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