Prepare for a Disaster with Wilderness Athlete

By Tracy Breen

You don’t have to dig very deep online or watch the news long to notice that in the last decade, the world has had an enormous number of natural disasters. From snow storms and tsunamis to earthquakes and tornadoes, natural disasters on steroids are popping up all over the world. As a result, more people are preparing for naturaldisasters by stocking up on food and other necessities to ensure that if they find themselves without electricity or if grocery stores run out of food, they are prepared to get by for several weeks or months.

Not long ago, the only people who stored large amounts of nonperishable foods were people who thought the world would end.  Today, since disasters are becoming so common, more people are storing food just in case they need it.

The problem with storing food is that canned goods, rice and many of the other products people store go bad fairly quickly. As a result, most people who store food rotate their stock every few months.  They consume the older stuff and store new stuff.  The problem is that many of us aren’t diligent enough to keep rotating our stock and the food goes bad.  Another problem with much of the food people store is it doesn’t contain the nutrients we need to stay healthy and strong.

Meal Replacement - Wilderness AthleteAt Wilderness Athlete, we have products that can help solve some of the disaster preparedness issues people face.  For starters, all the Wilderness Athlete products require very little prep work.  At most, you have to add water.  Most food that are stored long term must be boiled in water or cooked which requires time and energy.  Wilderness Athlete products can be prepared in a minute or less.

Many of the Wilderness Athlete products like the Meal Replacement Shakes and Green Infusion contain essential vitamins and nutrients the human body needs to keep going.  “There are many vitamins and minerals we need on a daily basis that we cannot get from canned and processed foods,” Rich Scheckenbach, a  Nutritional Biochemist. “The Wilderness Athlete shakes contain protein and many of the vitamins we need to keep our bodies healthy.”

Green Infusion Wilderness AthleteIf times really get tough, fruits and vegetables will be hard to come by which makes the Wilderness Athlete Green Infusion the perfect product for people storing food in case of a disaster.  “There are many plant derivedphytonutrients out there that have such a beneficial affect the human body that wouldn’t be available in a disaster.  One scoop of Green Infusion contains six servings of fruits and vegetables providing the phytonutrients the bod needs.  It is a perfect product for people to drink when they have a hard time getting the necessary amounts of fruits and vegetables we need on a daily basis,” he added.

When in survival mode, Scheckenbach says the body still needs 50-60 grams of protein a day which equates to three servings of Meal Replacement per day.  “I think in survival mode, it would be great if people could consume three servings per day of Wilderness Athlete Meal Replacement, but that might not be possible.  So, at the very least, two servings and a serving of Green Infusion along with some other foods paired with a good multivitamin would keep a person alive for a long time,” Scheckenbach said.   “Speaking of vitamins, people should realize that when the body is in survival mode, our bodies get depleted of many crucial vitamins quickly so taking a daily vitamin is extremely important.”

Holiday Spirit SpecialThere are many other Wilderness Athlete products that would fit well into a disaster plan  including Protein Plus and the energy drink mixes which will help the body and taste great. “I think in a disaster situation, a person needs some variety to keep physically strong and mentally strong. Eating the same thing for days could drive a person nuts so I suggest people have Wilderness Athlete on hand along with other foods that are high in protein and nutrients.”

Probably the nicest thing about adding Wilderness Athlete to a disaster plan is the products have a long shelf life so you don’t need to rotate them very often.  They are easy to prepare.   Instead of canning your entire garden, consider adding a few tubs of Wilderness Athlete products to your pantry shelf. Your body and your taste buds will thank you.


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    Several families are working on emergency kits for car and home. How can we determine if, or what quantity of soy is used in WA procuts?

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