Since the tradition of making New Years Resolutions began (who knows when), certain resolutions seem to be at the top of most everyone’s list. Regardless of which resolution you’ve made, Wilderness Athlete can help you get there in 2013!

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1. Lose Weight- Whether you need to lose a couple of pounds or make a dramatic lifestyle change, Wilderness Athlete can help you get the right start. Our great tasting Meal Replacement and Recovery Shakes can help you eliminate extra calories during the day when you replace one meal per day with a shake. Add in Lean Life, our weight loss supplement, and you’ll be on your way to to a healthier, lighter you in no time!

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Ryan Shoemaker Winter Running

2. Get in Shape- Looking to become “fitter” in 2013?  If so, then we have the right package for you. Our Performance Package provides you everything you need  before, during and after your workout to maximize muscle development and assist in recovery so you can hit it hard day after day.

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Holiday Spirit Special

3. Spend More Time With Family- Get outside with friends and family and feel great while doing it! Start your morning off with a mixture of Hydrate & Recover and Energy & Focus. You’re body will feel energized, hydrated and ready to perform all day.[divider_line /]

28-day-challenge4. Save Money- Save $40 off the retail price when you stock up on our most popular challenge pack –  The Wilderness Athlete 28 Day Challenge contains everything you need to start 2013 off right. Meal Replacement, Energy 7 Focus, Hydrate & Recover, Multi-Vitamin, Green Infusion and Lean Life will help you stay on track and save you money![divider_line /]


5. Take A Vacation- Every year we tell ourselves we’ll spend more time with the family, visit those buddies from college like we promised, or go on a new adventure. This year, just do it! Once you’ve lost those extra “holiday” pounds, reached your fitness goals, and saved a couple bucks, why not? You deserve it![divider_line /]


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