The Triple-Dog-Dare You Package


      This is for the overachievers, the all in types that see an opportunity and take it. Face your wilderness fully prepared with the nutritional artillery to ascend to the summit of your potential. We triple-dog-dare you to go all in with each and every product we make - giving you the fuel and foundational support to Stay Wild.

    • The Triple-Dog-Dare You Includes:
      • 1 tub of each flavor of Meal Replacement & Recovery Shake (Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla)
      • 1 tub of each flavor of Protein Plus (Chocolate, Vanilla)
      • 1 tub of each flavor of Hydrate & Recover (Berry Blast, Strawberry Pomegranate, Lemon Lime)
      • 1 25ct bag of Hydrate & Recover packets in each flavor (Berry Blast, Strawberry Pomegranate)
      • 1 tub of each flavor of Energy & Focus (Mango Bango, Tropical Fusion, Cherry Limeade)
      • 1 25ct bag of Energy & Focus packets in each flavor (Mango Bango, Tropical Fusion)
      • Paleo(ish) Hydrate & Recover
      • 1 tub of each Paleo(ish) Beef Protein (Carnivore Cocoa, Vanilla Almond)
      • Midnigt Build
      • Brute Force Pre-Workout
      • Brute Force Post-Workout
      • The Good Stuff
      • High Performance Multi-Vitamin
      • Altitude Advantage
      • Joint Advantage
      • Omega-3 Fish Oil
      • Lean Life
      • Precision Vision
      • Green Infusion
      • Complete Probiotic
      • Ultimate Pre-Workout

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