Energy Shots!

by Courtney Denham November 20, 2015

Energy Shots!

Why doesn't Wilderness Athlete make an energy shot?

(We admit we tricked you into opening this blog post)

The power behind Wilderness Athlete’s drink products is the POWDER.

Why? Anytime a nutrient (herb, mineral, vitamin, or amino acid) is placed in solution (liquid), it immediately begins to degrade and lose its potency. From the day that any raw material is manufactured it begins to breakdown and the process of oxidation begins.

For example, Vitamin C is a powerful anti-oxidant and at Wilderness Athlete we put 1000 mg. of Vitamin C in every serving of our Hydrate and Recover product. That same Vitamin C placed in a liquid and put on a shelf or warehouse would deteriorate very quickly and its nutritional value would be greatly compromised.

Additionally, Wilderness Athlete uses multiple complex compounds in our formulations, which are even more susceptible to breakdown once added to a liquid. It is these compounds that give our powdered products such a pronounced effect, and we would be decreasing the effectiveness of the product by selling it in a pre-mixed liquid form.

At Wilderness Athlete, we use many natural flavors to make our products healthy and taste great. These natural flavors would also lose their potency and turn bland if they were to be premixed and marketed in solution.

So whether you are mixing a WA product on your kitchen counter or in the middle of the Wilderness, simply add your own water and enjoy all the benefits they bring to your health and performance.


The power, potency and palatability of Wilderness Athlete products lie in the powder.


-Mark Paulsen


Founder of Wilderness Athlete

Courtney Denham
Courtney Denham


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