Coach P Discusses Hydrate And Recover

by Wilderness Athlete November 22, 2014

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Written by WildernessAthlete on June 27, 2012

Watch Coach Paulsen (below) talk about the benefits of Hydrate and Recover. If you already use the product, you know it’s the best hydration drink on the market today. If you haven’t given it a try, here’s what it has to offer-

Amino Acids to help feed your muscles through cellular repair.

Provides a precisely balanced mineral and electrolyte composition to replenish these vital elements and maintain peak muscle physiology

Antioxidants to fight free radicals and improve metabolic function

Glucosamine for repair and lubrication of hips and joints.

Oxygen enhancers to promote optimal oxygen uptake and utilization

Is convenient to carry and use and is formulated for all age groups.

B Vitamins to help sustain your body’s natural energy production

Formulated to optimal isotonic strength for and effective hydration

Provides a spectrum of metabolic cofactors essential for energy production

Helps maintain tissue hydration for highest metabolic efficiency

Supports the oxygen demands of the active body

Delivers essential vitamins and amino acids for maximizing energy reserves

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Wilderness Athlete
Wilderness Athlete


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