Hy-Altitude Advantage Kit

  • Wilderness Athlete’s Altitude Advantage is specially formulated to address the body’s extreme physiological demands of ascending to and remaining at high altitude environments. Combining this adaptogenic formula with our powerful Hydrate & Recover will attack the chain reaction of symptoms that commonly lead to a miserable wilderness experience. Don't take on your most important adventures unprepared.
  • Altitude Advantage Benefits:

    • Hy-Altitude Advantage Kit Includes: 1 bottle of Altitude Advantage & 20 packets of Hydrate & Recover.
    • Supports the body’s extraordinary physiological demands of performing at high elevation*
    • Helps reduce fatigue, inflammation, and lactic acid build-up*
    • Improves circulation throughout the body, including brain and lungs which are particularly sensitive to low oxygen conditions*
    • Contains potent, natural antioxidants to quell free-radicals produced under physically-demanding environmental conditions*
    • Increases enjoyment of high-elevation sports and activities by reducing the unpleasant, undesirable side effects of diminished oxygen and barometric pressure*

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