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May 03, 2015

Posted on May 3rd

Written by WildernessAthlete on November 29, 2012

This article was recently published on, by Phillip Gary Smith

With recent votes allowing two states prescriptions for a here-to-before illegal drug, it is heartening to find Joint Advantage solving a major need with its only connection to the netherworld being the use of crack willow.

Providing key nutrients & specialized botanical compounds that lubricate and soothe, Joint Advantage is the daily (Gluten free) solution for an active and unrestricted lifestyle.

Turns out the bark from various willows such as crack willow provide salicin that works like aspirin in the body except the effect starts slower but appears to last longer in the trade-off. Willow bark works effectively for multiple uses like muscle pain, osteoarthritis, tendonitis and bursitis.Joint Advantagecontains a dose in the ranges of daily expected use.

Further, on the supplement facts of a serving of Joint Advantage, Meadowsweet flower extract adds a different imprint of salicin, aiding anti-inflammatory functions in clearing skin. Rich in flavonoids and Vitamin C, the extract further resolves rashes.

Like the use of White Willow in their blend, each serving of Meadowsweet (3 capsules are the recommended serving) is 50 mg.

Boswellia gum extract acts as an antiarthritic, astringent, stimulant, expectorant and antiseptic. Sounding dental in nature, studies instead indicate a beneficial effect on knee osteoarthritis. Bowellia gum appears to block the pathway of specific inflammatories like 5-lipoxygenase, therefore aiding relief and healing. Further, Boswellia allows glycosaminoglycans to work their magic better meaning your cartilage is strengthened.

Rachel Piplica damaged her ACL in a Roller Derby match; coming soon, Roller Derby on snowshoes.

Turmeric root extract use reaches back some 4,000 years, a period known popularly as the pre-regulatory years. Relieving joint pain, this extract appears to assist the reduction of both chronic and acute inflammation. The promise is its treatment for rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.

Also appealing is its side-benefit of reduction of IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), reducing plaque and clots in the heart’s plumbing, and battle bacterial and virus infections. A serving of Joint Advantage (three capsules) totals 200 mg of Turmeric root extract.

Extracts such as Turmeric generally have not been clinically proven for the indications of effectiveness expected from its use. That being said, this root extract is known for acting the role of disinfection; this detoxifier in the liver may aid in sweeping the brain clear of clots plus avoiding metastases of a number of cancers.

Records reflect the Chinese use it as a medicine for treating depression.

Glucosamine, served in a 1500 mg dose in Joint Advantage, is widely known to be found in healthy cartilage. In this case randomized trials show the positive outcome from its use in joints like the knee, particularly regarding flexibility. Additionally joints invaded with Osteoarthritis find some relief; it seems the knee is once again a prime beneficiary although inflammatory effects on most other joints appear to be lessened.

Servings of Joint Advantage include a 200 mg of Methylsulfonylmethane known just as MSM. Not surprisingly, this nutrient found in plants, meats, dairy, fruits and vegetables (that pretty well covers the field, doesn’t it?) lowers pain and particularly facilitates joint movement.

Other MSM promises are swelling reductions, aid in muscle and bone issues perhaps by its work in increasing circulation through the action of supplying sulfur.

MSM found itself in Hollywood lights after the iconic actor, James Coburn, swore by the supplement, claiming it “really, really does the job” when interviewed after his (surprising) win as Best Supporting Actor in “Affliction.”

As reported by USA Today, for over 15-years Coburn fought rheumatoid arthritis that caused him relentless pain and challenges along with difficulty walking, by using MSM. In his experience the natural product cured the problem.

One better be careful arguing with Pat Garret, a character Coburn played with supreme gusto in the complex, nasty, but highly entertaining “Pat Garret and Billy the Kid.” In Sam Peckinpah’s best edition of this oft-told story, simple becomes convoluted while the two famous friends ultimately fail to find a satisfactory resolution. Garret is characterized with a line a friend uses, explaining “He has more sand than most,” meaning he has deep determination and fortitude.

The nay-saying pundits on the benefits of homeopathic solutions use lines that sound surprisingly like that of the oft Risk Factors occupying the first 25 pages of a prospectus where arcane hazards—think, “if the company fails, you won’t make money”—insult common sense and our natural aversion to pandering.

But of course, mother-regulator knows best, so take Joint Advantage out of your online shopping cart and waste away in pain; wait until after you’re dead-and-gone for confirming edicts.

Damaged ligament knee courtesy of the Sports Injury

Why, what ever the anecdotal evidence, the claims haven’t been proven until a huge, capital-intensive study is submitted to a bureaucracy charged with investigation; even then the efficacy of the trial can be called into question with the escape phrase “needs more study.”

It’s like when Cap’n (played by the inimitable Strother Martin) drawled in “Cool Hand Luke” when beating Paul Newman’s Luke: “It’s for your own good.”

Luke knew what was best for him, and though we don’t need to get shot as he did, the fact is we are called to maintain our own lives to the best of our ability, use our own judgment on what’s right for our lives.

The key to Wilderness Athlete’s Joint Advantage is much deeper than this list of ingredients comprising each golden capsule they formulate. An astute reader will note several of these nutrients overlap in their functions such as “reducing inflammation;” why not just load up on one ingredient and be done with it?

That’s where the genius of Wilderness Athlete, deep in their research labs, shines: A supplement that really performs for your body vs. a supplement that just advertises it works is the skillful combination of ingredients that amp and support one another’s action. It’s not like mixing flour and milk for biscuits; these nutrients can have interactions and subtleties that make them truly effective, multiple-times so, as opposed to cheap bottles of junk with efficacy for your pain no more than a drugstore placebo.

The other key is the quality of the ingredient used in your golden capsule; is it real or just fool’s gold? Knowing the extensive athletic, training and coaching background at the top levels by Coach Mark Paulsen, and the fact these products were developed for his athletes, their performance answers that question.

If he could have bought them at this quality level with this impact and results, there would be no need to create a duplicate.

But if a consumer thinks a bottle of glucosamine on the marked-down shelf of any store one just happens to wander through is the equivalent to the benefits of those of Joint Advantage, my answer would have to be: What have you been smoking?

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