Day 19 - Upper Body

Warm- Up

  1. Shoulder Taps & Reaches (2 x 16 each alternating)
  2. Yoga Push Up’s (2 x 10) [Can do these on knees if necessary]

  3. Banded Wall Slides (2 x 10)
  4. Straight Arm Plank (2 x :30-:45 seconds)

Core Movement

  1. Barbell Push Press (4 x 6-8)

  2. Ball Slams (4 x 12)

  3. Barbell Low Row (3 x 8)
  4. Facepulls (Band or Cable) (3 x 10-12)
  5. Dumbbell Single Arm Row (3 x 10 each)
  6. Overhead Carry (Kettle or Dumbbell) (3 x 30 yards)

Shoulder Taps & Reaches

2 x 16 Reps Each (Alternating)

Get into a straight arm plank position. Make sure that your hands are directly under your shoulders. The key is to limit hip sway while performing the exercise, so widen your legs out as much as needed in order to limit that. Release one hand from the ground and touch your opposite shoulder slowly, engaging your core the entire time. With shoulder reaches, release one hand and reach directly upward as far as you can without swaying the hips. Alternate sides on both exercises each rep.

Yoga Push ups

2 x 10 Reps (Can do on knees if necessary)

Get into a normal push up position. Make sure that your hands are in line with your shoulders. Perform one push up and on your way back up rock your body backwards into a downward dog stretch. Focus on full shoulder extension and holding a brief calve and hamstring stretch. Then repeat, push up to downward dog position etc.

Banded wall slides

2 x 10 Reps

Place a mini band around both of your wrists. Find a wall and sit against it. Place your arms roughly shoulder width apart creating tension with the band. Make sure your arms stay parallel to each other and slide both arms up the wall as far as you can reach. Once you reach full extension, slide down back to starting position and repeat.

straight arm plank

2 x 30 - 45 Seconds

Get into a straight arm plank position. Make sure your hands are in line with your shoulders. Place feet together and drive heels backward. Engage your core making your belly button disappear and maintain a neutral spine throughout the entire movement. Envision pushing your shoulder blades upward toward the ceiling. Control your breathing and don’t fidget!


4 x 6-8 Reps

The bar should be at shoulder height. Approach the bar and get your hands underneath the bar, equally spaced. Un rack and scoot backwards. Make sure that your feet are shoulder width apart and firmly planted into the ground. Proceed to sink into a quarter squat and then drive the weight upward above your head to full extension of the arms. Once at the top of the movement, make sure your chin remains neutral and that your back hasn’t gone into extension. Envision keeping your rib cage tucked down. Slowly lower the weight down to the starting position and repeat.


4 x 12 Reps

Place slam ball in between your feet. Feet should be shoulder width apart. Hinge at the hips to bend down to pick up the ball. Raise the ball completely over your head and get onto your tip toes. Then aggressively slam the ball into the ground while sinking your body back down into a position to pick it back up again and repeat. The position where your arms and fully extended and legs are fully extended on your toes is called Triple Extension and is an important factor. Envision your least favorite person’s face on the ground in front of you and smash it repeatedly. Who needs anger management when you got slam balls.


3 x 8 Reps Each Side

Bar should be about knee high. Approach the bar with shoulder width feet. Place hands on outside of the legs and grip bar with an underhand grip. Un rack and scoot back. Hinge at the hips, bend the knees to a 45 degree angle, lean forward maintaining a neutral spine. Start with your arms straight holding the weight and begin to row the bar towards your sternum. As you row focus on squeezing your shoulder blades together. Slowly lower weight to starting position and repeat.

FacePULLS (Band or cable)

3 x 10-12 Reps

This exercise can be done with either a cable machine or with bands. If you use the cable option, I would encourage you to use the double rope pulley attachment. Put the cable machine at the highest point, grip rope pulley with an overhand grip. Un rack, keeping your elbows high, drive the weight back to where the center point of the rope pulley almost hits the bridge of your nose. While pulling, focus on squeezing your shoulder blades together. Get a brief hold at the top of the movement and then slowly return to the starting point and repeat.

DumBbell Single Arm Row

3 x 10 Reps Each

This exercise can also be done with a dumbbell or kettlebell. You only need one weight and find a bench or box to lean on. Place the weight between your shoulder width feet. Decide which arm you want to start with and grip weight with a neutral grip. Lean forward with your torso and hold onto the bench or box with the opposite arm. Spine should be neutral and you should have 3 points of contact with the ground and bench. Row the weight with the working arm, squeeze your lat and think thumb to nipple. Slowly lower weight back to starting position and repeat.

Overhead Carry (Kettle or Dumbbell)

3 x 30 Yards

This exercise can be done with a dumbbell or kettlebell. You only need one weight. Grip the weight and curl it up to your shoulder. Standing up straight, press that weight above your head and hold it there keeping your arm straight. Think bicep to ear form, engage your core, rib cage tucked and chin neutral. Slowly start to walk the desired yardage with the weight overhead, once you get to the end, slowly lower weight, switch arms and turn around and head back using the opposite arm.

Band/Dumbell Bicep Curls

2 x Failure

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Hanging Knee Tucks

2 x 10-15 Reps

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