REBUILD - Bodyweight

Day 27 - Cardio AND CORE

Warm Up

  1. Perform total body stretches or an Active/ Dynamic Warm Up.
  2. Total Body Foam Roll


  1. Perform 1/2 - 1 Mile Jog
  2. Rest
  3. Perform 10 30 Yard Sprints
  4. Rest
  5. Perform 1/2 - 1 Mile Jog
  6. Rest
  7. Perform 10 30 Yard Sprints


  1. Bodyweight Reverse Crunches (2 x 12)
  2. Standard Plank (2 x :45- 1:00 min)
  3. Alternating Dead Bugs (2 x 20 total)
  4. Side Plank (2 x :30-:45 seconds each)
  5. Toe Touches (2 x 15)
  6. Weighted Leg Lift Holds (2 x :30-:45 seconds)
  7. Suitcase Carry (2 x 30 yards)

Bodyweight Reverse crunches

2 x 12 Reps

You only need one weight for this, can be a dumbbell or kettlebell. Another good option is finding a pole or leg of furniture to hold onto. Lay on your back with your body facing away from the anchorpoint. Outstretch your arms to full extension and hold onto the anchorpoint firmly. From there, crunch your entire body up to where your knees almost touch your forehead. Slowly, and I mean SLOWLY unravel your body to where your tail bone touches the ground, lower legs straight to where they almost touch the ground and then repeat back into full crunch. The emphasis is going slow on the way down, hence reverse crunch.

standard plank

2 x 45-60 Seconds

Get into a plank position on your elbows. Place your feet together, straighten your legs and drive your heels to the back wall. Squeeze your glutes and your core, making your belly button disappear. Keep your glutes and abs engaged throughout the entire duration. Control your breathing and don’t fidget!

Alternating dead bugs

2 x 20 Reps Total

Lay on your back. Extend both of your arms and legs straight up towards the ceiling from your body. Make sure you keep your lower back flush to the ground and engage your core. Slowly extend one leg and the OPPOSITE arm straight towards the ground. Exhale as you extend the opposite limbs. Return back to center and repeat on the other side.

side plank

2 x 30-45 Seconds Each

Choose which side that you want to work first and lay down on that side. The elbow that is down should be bent with the rest of your body being straight. Ideally you should stack your feet on top of each other, but if that is too difficult feel free to stagger your feet out with the top leg wrapping over the bottom leg. Slowly elevate the hips upward and begin the side plank. Focus on squeezing the bottom oblique and keeping your hip as high as possible the whole duration. Then switch.

Toe Touches

2 x 15 Reps

Lay on your back. Keeping both legs straight, raise both legs straight up to where your body is at a 90 degree angle. Hold your legs in that position and crunch your body up, trying to touch your toes with outstretched straight arms. Return your torso back to the ground where your shoulder blades touch the floor and then repeat to touch your toes.

weighted leg lift holds

2 x 30-45 Seconds

You only need one weight for this exercise and it can be a dumbbell or med ball or really any weighted object. Lay flat on your back and put both legs straight together. Place the weighted object on top of both legs down by your ankles. Put your hands underneath your butt or under your lower back and then slowly raise your legs a few inches off of the ground and hold that position for the listed time. Really control your breathing, and squeeze your abs the entire time. If you raise your head off the ground, keep your chin tucked and envision tucking your rib cage downward to keep abs engaged.

suitcase carry

2 x 30 Yards

You only need one weight for this exercise and it can be a dumbbell or kettlebell. Find a long, straight area to work in. Decide which arm you want to start with first and place the weight in that hand. Stand up straight, trying to keep your weight centered the entire time. Keep the arm with weight in hand straight and keep the weight slightly off of your body so it's not touching your hip. Slowly begin walking the desired distance, maintaining the form. Your opposite arm can be straight out to help balance. Once you’ve reached the distance required, switch hands and return to the starting position.

Day 26

Day 28

focus on your breath.

Slow, consistent breaths help with good posture and maintaining good form, oxygen delivery to your muscles, and engagement of your core for stability during heavy lifts. There are several breathing techniques you can try when lifting or running, but regardless of the method, paying attention to your breath can significantly improve your performance and the ease you feel with each workout.

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