REBUILD - Bodyweight

Day 25 - Lower Body

Warm Up

  1. Single Leg Glute Bridges (2 x 12 Each)
  2. Alternating Walking Lunges With Trunk Twist (2 x 20 Total)
  3. Body Squat-To-Stands (2 x 10)
  4. Glute Bridge March-To-Parallel (2 x 5)

Core Movement

  1. Squat to Squat Jump Alternating (3 x 16-20 Total)
  2. Single Leg RDL’s (3 x 10 Each)
  3. Lateral Step Up With Weight Offset (3 x 10-12 Each)
  4. Alternating Lunge Pushbacks (3 x 20 Total)
  5. Bodyweight Lateral Skater Jumps (3 x 14-16 Total)


  1. Bodyweight Leg Circles (2 x 30 Seconds)
  2. Elevated Glute Bridges (2 x 1:00) AMRAP

Single Leg Glute Bridges

2 x 12 Reps Each

For the two leg glute bridge, lay on your back, bend your knees, and make sure your legs are shoulder width apart. Dig your heels firmly into the ground and extend your hips upward toward the ceiling as far as you can. Squeeze your glutes and hamstrings at the top of the contraction and then slowly release the hips going down to the ground. For a single leg, repeat the same instructions with only one leg at a time attached to the ground. Opposite leg can be straight or bent, whatever is more comfortable.

Alternating walking lunges With trunk twist

2 x 20 Reps Total

Find a long, straight area like a hallway. Start on one end and begin lunging forward with one leg. Make sure that the front foot is always firmly planted and that the front knee doesn’t cave inward when lunging back up. Once you are in a lunge and sunk down into the bottom position, lift both elbows and slowly rotate your torso side to side. Come out of the lunge back to CENTER and switch. Repeat.

Body Squat-To-Stands

2 x 10 Reps

Place both feet shoulder width apart. Hinge at the hips and bend over to place both hands underneath their respective toes. Grasp your feet with both hands and slowly try to stand up. You should feel an intense stretch of the hamstrings, lower back, calves and glutes. Slowly return back to the starting position and repeat.

GLute Bridge March to Parallel

2 x 5 Reps

Lay on your back and bend your knees into a normal glute bridge position. Make sure your feet are shoulder width apart or slightly less and that your heels are firmly dug into the ground. Place both arms out to the sides of your body and place your hands flat on the ground, bracing yourself. Driving through the heels, elevate your hips and slowly start to creep your legs in short, choppy steps downward until your body is parallel to the ground. Once at parallel your butt should still be off of the ground as well as your lower back. Then slowly begin creeping back up to the starting position, keeping those hips elevated and hamstrings squeezed the entire time. Repeat.

squat to Squat Jump Alternating

3 x 16-20 Reps Total - Progression: Add Weights

Place feet shoulder width apart, hinge at the hips and drive your butt backward. Slowly sink into a squat maintaining a neutral spine throughout the whole movement. Make sure your knees don’t cave inward on the way back up in the squat. Once you’ve returned to the starting position, make sure your hips are fully closed and that your glutes are squeezed. Perform one normal squat and then sink back down to the bottom of the squat position, from there, jump up as high as you can and land softly. Keep alternating squat to squat jump for all listed reps.

Sumo Deadlift to upright row

3 x 12-15 Reps

This exercise can be performed with a kettlebell or band. If you choose the kettlebell place that between your feet and place your feet WIDER than shoulder width apart, hence sumo position. Hinge at the hips, push your butt backwards and slowly bend down and place both hands on top of the kettlebell in an overhand grip. Un rack weight, deadlifting it to where your legs are now straight. From there, pull the kettlebell to the bottom of your chin, keeping both elbows high and wide. Core engaged the entire time. Slowly lower the weight back down to where your arms are straight. Proceed to deadlift again and then follow with an upright row. Repeat. If you choose a band, step both feet onto the bottom of the band and obtain the same wide stance. Place both hands on top of the top part of the band in an overhand grip and repeat the same instructions.

single Leg RDL's

3 x 10 Reps Each - Weighted or Bodyweight

Select either a dumbbell or kettlebell. Pick which leg you are starting with. Put the weight in the opposite hand of the leg you are working. Shift balance to that leg and hinge at the hips driving that opposite leg backward while reaching the weight towards the shin of the working leg. Keep the working leg’s heel firmly planted into the ground and make sure the working knee does not cave inward while driving back up to the starting position. Keep a NEUTRAL SPINE throughout the entire movement, do not bend at the lower back. Make sure hips are fully forward before beginning the next rep. Do all reps listed on one leg first before switching to the other leg.

lateral Step Up with Weight offset

3 x 10-12 Reps Each

Find a step or short plyo box that is roughly mid shin or to the bottom of your knee in height. The weight can be either a dumbbell or kettlebell. Choose which leg that you want to work first and place the weight in the opposite hand of that leg. If you are working your left leg first, that leg needs to be next to the step you will be stepping up on. Keeping your weight centered, core engaged and spine neutral, step up on the box laterally. Once up on the step, the other leg will come up, bend at the knee and raise that leg to a 90 degree angle. The other arm can just be out straight to help balance the body. Slowly step down with your right leg first, then the working leg back to starting position. Do all listed reps on one side first before switching to the other side and repeat.

Alternating Lunge Pushbacks

3 x 20 Reps Total

This exercise can be done with both dumbbells and kettlebells or bodyweight. Select the appropriate weight and have a weight in each hand. Stand up straight, feet together and select which leg you want to start with. Lunge forward with that leg, land with a flat foot and sink into the lunge, absorb the force and then push backward back into that starting position. Make sure that your forward knee does not cave inward when pushing back up. You can do all one side first or alternate sides on this exercise, the choice is yours!

bodyweight lateral skater jumps

3 x 14-16 Reps Total

Place feet together standing up straight. Decide which direction you want to jump towards first. Bend at the knees and push butt backward, envision loading a slinky and then jump/ bound laterally as far as you can. Land softly on the outside foot, absorb the force, catch your balance. Bend that knee and push butt backward and laterally jump / bound to the opposite direction landing on the other outside foot. Repeat.

bodyweight leg circles

2 x 30 Seconds Each Way

Sit on your butt with both legs straight out in front of you. Then lean back on your elbows, placing your torso at a 45 degree angle. Place your hands flat on the ground to brace yourself. Begin lifting both legs off of the ground, keeping them squeezed together. Decide which direction you want to go towards first and begin making small circles with your straight legs. After half the reps are done, switch directions.

elevated glute bridges

2 x 1:00 AMRAP - Progression: Add weight by holding it at the waist during movement

For two leg glute bridges, lay on your back and find an elevated surface like a bench, coffee table or bed. Bend your knees, make sure your legs are shoulder width apart. Dig your heels firmly into the elevated surface and extend your hips upward toward the ceiling as far as you can. Squeeze your glutes and hamstrings at the top of the contraction and then slowly release the hips going down to the ground.

Day 24

Day 26

Train with a friend.

Grab a friend or family member and have them go through these workouts with you as frequently as possible. Having a training partner is an easy way to leverage your peripheral vision to push your intensity. Nobody wants to lose, and some friendly competition keeps things fun and keeps you accountable.

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